Friday, December 23, 2005

Tenant Problem: Smoker Below (Fiasco Continues)

Our landlord talked to the new tenant below and told him that smoking wasn't allowed. Apparently the tenant said he was moving in and "didn't have time" to smoke outside so he just smoked as he worked. Like I believe that, but whatever.

Anyway, thought the problem was solved, but it seems like it was just temporary. The guy seems to be gone working during the week, and he came back last night and guess what? You got it, the smell of smoke is back this morning.

I hate to be a complainer, but this is just not acceptable. Living in a house with two other units is very close quarters. I mean, the guy above me stomps on the floor if I turn the bathroom fan on past 10pm (he claims it's too loud and keeps him up). That seems minor compared to a smoke problem in the house.

This is discouraging news. If things don't shape up, we will be forced to move... and that would be unfortunate for all parties concerned (except for the new guy who apparently doesn't care about anyone else).

Did I also mention there are beer cans scattered in the little flowerbed at the side of the house? Yes, really... this is trouble.

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