Monday, October 31, 2005

Wedding Video

Big News! I spent some time last night working on a little wedding video and it's now available to watch! Here's the link:




Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Bacon Test

What do you see in these pieces of bacon we ate for supper recently?


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is well upon us now and leaves are everywhere. I took this picture on my way home from work last night.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wedding Report: I Give Up

I have two problems. One, I have little time. Two, there is so much to tell. There's simply no way I can write a full report on my entire wedding and honeymoon trip, at least not now.

We will be setting up a photo gallery with as many pictures as we can bring together, and for those of you who have been asking, we will send you the link.

Maybe at some point I'll re-visit the wedding trip and post something about various parts. We did stay at some excellent places which I would like to give recommendations for, so there is definitely more to be posted... but later on.

Keep coming back!

-- If you want to receive the link to the gallery, post a comment with your name, nickname, or something to identify you. If you don't feel comfortable putting your email address here, that's okay, just make sure I know who you are! --


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Saturday Adventures

Saturday was a bit of a rough day. We had our plans all made out for a shopping trip, then dinner with my parents. But before any of that could happen, someone tried to park to close to me (the cars wanted to snuggle?) and my mirror got torn off.

So, we ended up going to two dealerships, waiting a couple hours for the repairs to be done, and visiting a nearby mall in the meantime. We did get our money from the guy, he was really good about that. The only problem was our plans for the day were out the window.

But we still managed to go to IKEA and spend a small bundle of cash on new furniture, and dealt with a few problems at the house (gas stove, and fridge), so the day ended on a good note. Our visit with Mom and Dad had to be cancelled but we went for supper the next day.

Ipso Facto Cartoon Blog

Discovered a great cartoon blog today. Click here to see one I particularly enjoyed, and here for the main blog site.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Wedding Report: Preparations

After our nice and relaxing dinner at The Snooty Fox, we went back to Natasha's place and from then on it was go-go-go from morning to night, right up until the wedding.

Everything was well thought out, and things fell into place quickly.

Johanna was responsible for (amongst many other things) making the cakes, and the end result is what you see above. Rachel was there to help decorate the cakes as well. These were the cakes we 'cut' and fed to each other at the reception.

Next day, off to the church to decorate the sanctuary. I was informed it would take only a few hours but I had my suspicions. Turns out, it was nearly an all day job for the girls who stayed around to finish it up.

I got to help a little bit... by trimming the ends of the pew markers, pictured below.

Here is Natasha and Johanna putting up the decorations in the church. The amount of work put into all this was amazing and I'm totally impressed by the outcome.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the decorating. There was also much work put into decorating the reception hall by many more people and it is all very much appreciated.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wedding Report: The Arrival

I arrived in Fredericton on Wednesday, October 5th, and got picked up by Natasha. My luggage didn't arrive because my flight from Vancouver to Toronto was delayed and while I made it to the next plane, the bags didn't. They got delivered the next morning, to my surprise and great delight.

Our first stop was 'The Snooty Fox', a warm and cozy pub in town which is well known for their ribs. The rumors were true and here are pictures to prove it!!

Natasha had the full rack of ribs, and I had the half rack with chicken wings. Both extremely tasty, and the fries were good too. We also ordered 'Garlic Medalions' which was basically baguettes turned into garlic toast.

The leftovers, and there were some, were taken home and given to her dog, Beauty.


The Wedding Report

The trip I made for my wedding and honeymoon was the most exciting and busy one I've ever embarked on. I have so much to write about, and so many pictures, it's likely I won't get more than a fraction of it written here.

Instead of writing one huge long article, I'm going to put it together piece by piece, and post each section as it's own post. That way you won't have to wait too long for any information, and I'll be able to put a little more detail and thought into each section!

So, keep your eyes open for new posts!


House Sold & Bears

We found out today the house sold. The new buyers aren't going to move in so we won't be moving anywhere. Good news there. I hope the new owners are as good as the current ones...

In other news, it looked like the bears paid a visit again last night. One garbage can was pulled over and a bag dragged out a ways and torn into. I think we'll really need to keep garbage on the patio instead of on the ground floor because this will probably happen again and again.

Monday, October 17, 2005

No Time To Post

Married life is too busy, I don't have any time to post to my blog! I'm working on my wedding/honeymoon trip report but it'll take a little while. Keep checking!


Monday, October 10, 2005

Update from Fredericton

Only 5 days since my last post... not too bad! I thought I might have a chance before this but there simply has been no time at all. When I got here, things were so busy, and I just got back from the first part of my honeymoon this afternoon.

Natasha and I fly back to the west coast tomorrow afternoon. Then we're off to Victoria for the rest of the week before going back to work on Monday.

Having an excellent time, and I have a ton of stories and a vast collection of pictures to tell them with.

Might be another five days before my next post though...


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

No More Sleeps

The day has arrived for my second trip out east. I'm up before 3am, packing up my last few things and will be leaving in about 30 minutes.

Here I gooooo!


Monday, October 03, 2005


I saw my first Segway (Link) today on Robson Street. Heard all about them and how cool they are but I'd never seen one in person. Well, here came two people down the road riding them. They really look neat. I can see why some people don't know if they should be on the sidewalk though. They're fairly large and add at least 6 inches to a persons height.

In any case, they are really cool. I didn't have my camera, nor did I have enough time to snap a good picture. So, no photo today, just a story.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Countdown: One Week

Only a week until my wedding! I'll be heading to New Brunswick on Wednesday, and there's a lot of things to take care of from then 'till Saturday. Hard to believe it's already the final week, but here we are!

Everyone from around here who is going will have left by today, so I'm the last person to head in that direction. Can't be helped, I have no extra vacation time. They'll all be seeing neat places like Halifax, Montreal, Peggys Cove, Prince Edward Island. I've been to a few of those places on my last trip and would like to see them again, and more. Next time I travel east with Natasha I think we'll extend the trip to see some of these other spots.

Anyway, only a couple more days of work, then I'm heading out!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

My First Canucks Game Of The Season

As per the usual, I split an "Ice Pak" with a co-worker so I have tickets to five games this hockey season. I won't make it to some of them, and will sell others. Just so long as I am able to catch a couple of games.

View from my seats

I went to a game yesterday, a pre-season game against the Calgary Flames. I took Jeremy, who is the best man at my wedding. It was really nice to get out with him, as we haven't been able to spend much time together over the last couple of years.

The game was good, and the Canucks won 4-2. Looking forward to going back, with Natasha this time. She tells me she's never been to a hockey game before, so it should be a really neat experience.

House Sale Update

There were two offers on the house recently. The first one fell through, but the back-up offer is still hanging on from what I hear. The great thing is that both offers are from people who are investors and want to keep the current tenants. In fact, one of the current owners told me that one especially wanted to keep me in. I hope that's because I've kept the place really nicely and they were impressed.

So many times, people who come through tell me how nice my place is compared to the guy above me. It's been a lot of work keeping it tidy as much as possible but it turns out it could be well worth the effort.

Still no sale, which is also fine by me. The only benefit I can see to the house selling is that people wouldn't need to come through my place anymore. Besides that, I am totally happy to keep the current owners, they're really great.

Plumbing Fun

Learned another valuable lesson today... how to unclog a bathtub drain. It wasn't quite right when I moved in and has gotten worse over time. Standing in an inch of water while having a shower is really annoying so today I took some action.

Some online sources recommend baking soda and vinegar. I tried this, and it showed improvement but not enough. I tried using a wire, still nothing. Finally, I tried the plunger (after buying one from the hardware store). Wow did that ever work great, flushed whatever it was right out and it drains 100% now.

"If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!" - Red Green