Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Bachelor Party

These guys are good! A real ball and chain!

My friends put together a little party for me tonight. It was disguised as a crokinole game but I picked up on a few clues and uncovered their conspiracy. Even Natasha was in on it! Who would have known?

Had a good time though, and didn't take too much abuse. Having Natasha on video conference for the how-well-do-you-know-each-other game was a lot of fun.

Thanks guys!! I really appreciate it.


The Countdown: 1,000,000

This is likely my second last countdown post. We've now moved to less than 1 million seconds until my wedding! Now we're really getting close!

Today's countdown:


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Orchard Update: September 2005

The massive patch was removed and all the fruit harvested, and here it is!

The 2005 Harvest

Pictured above are a bunch of decorative gourds, a small watermelon, and the one big pumpkin. There were also some cucumbers and zuchinni's that are not pictured here (they're in the fridge).

I took the small watermelon and cut it open. It was about 60% red, and didn't taste fully ripe. There are two larger ones which I hope will be better. It seems the watermelons got off to a slow start and are a little behind.

Speaking of pumpkins, I'm going to turn into one if I don't get to bed soon...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Countdown: Two Weeks

Today is exactly two weeks from October 8th, the day Natasha and I will be married. The countdown started from over three months which seemed like ages at the time. The first month took a while and we were busy making plans and talking about what we were going to do. Once all of that was decided, we settled back and waited out the next month. Funny thing, we went from two months to two weeks in a flash! I'm not even sure what I did in all that time!

We're finalizing everything now, and working on a few last minute things. I leave for New Brunswick in a week and a half so I need to hurry up the things I have left to do. I thought I had lots of time but it's snuck up on me fast.

I haven't had much to write about the past little while. You'll probably hear from me again a couple times before I leave. After that, I'm not sure when I'll have a chance. I'll try to post something, but at the worst case I won't post for a couple of weeks.

Hope you've all had a great summer, and all the best for the last quarter of the year!


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Trump vs. Martha

The Apprentice is back, with double the action! Trump is back, as usual, but Martha Stewart has her own spin-off show as well.

How will the two compare? We'll find out. Most people can't figure out what kind of stuff will happen on the Stewart show. Who can come up with the best cookie recipe? I have a feeling it'll be well beyond that, and geared towards the business aspect of home design and food.

Who will be fired??


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

General Update

Life has been pretty routine the past couple of days. Nothing really outstanding to write about. But life goes on nonetheless so that's what this post is for, to tell you about what I've been up to.

Work's been pretty good. It's a super rollercoaster though, and that annoys me to no end... never know what I'm going to get from day to day.

Outside of work I've been trying to relax, counting down the days until my trip and my wedding. 14 days until I leave! I still have a couple of things to do but I'm sure I'll be ready.

The house I'm living in is still up for sale. People come to see it every couple of days but as far as I know there is no action. The realtors are still bending the rules, not giving me much notice when people come to see. And today, a visiting realtor left the door leading from my unit into the common area wide open (not just unlocked). It's more acceptable than leaving the front door unlocked, but still unacceptable overall. But what can I do? I've put up signs, and mentioned it to the listing realtor but when people come to visit, you just never know what you're going to get.

They better get the job done in three weeks because once I'm married and Natasha and I are here, I think I'm going to be a little less accomodating with these people.

Also, I'm trying to get a little more sleep and that's where I'm heading now. Keep checking back, I'll have many more posts in the next few weeks and months.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kraft Dinner: Alfredo

The people at Kraft have become very creative with Kraft Dinner these days, and have some new flavours I've never seen nor heard of before. Could be because I haven't eaten much of it until recently, but anyway, it's new to me.

Kraft Dinner: Alfredo!

This was some of the best Kraft Dinner I've tasted. I've finally mastered putting the right amount of butter and milk into the mix so it's moist and not at all clumpy... much more enjoyable that way.

The best thing is, once you make this Alfredo stuff, it actually looks like what's on the box! I got the feeling that there was less pasta overall, but I think it's just because the tube noodles take up more space, especially once cooked.

What can I say, you can't get much more gourmet than this for $0.98!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Long Day

I was at work late today because we were launching some of our server programs in preparation for a software launch next week. I was in the office for about 12 hours, and it turned out to be pretty productive but I'm really tired.

It's been a busy few weeks, and especially this week, I can't believe it's already Friday!

A New Brunswick Sunrise

This could be a very romantic trip!! Another great shot from my photography correspondant, Natasha!

For all of you who are going out that way in three weeks, I hope the weather holds up and we have some fantastic scenery.

The Countdown: 2,000,000

A mere 2 million seconds until my wedding. The countdown started at nearly 8 million seconds, so we're getting very close!

Today's full countdown:


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Remembering 9/11

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Bears Pay A Visit

When I got home today, someone left me a surprise... all the garbages were pulled over, and torn apart. Actually, it was three someone's... three bears to be precise!

The lady across the street said she saw them come by an hour earlier. A big one with two smaller ones.

The Mess

This presents a great opportunity for a game. Find Andrew's Garbage! See if you can locate the following items:
  1. A light bulb
  2. Plastic Starbucks cup
  3. Box of Kraft Dinner (which was quite tasty by the way)
  4. Egg carton
Anyway, I took a big black garbage bag and threw everything into it. Problem solved. Maybe I'll actually see the bears one time, that would be some good pictures, eh?

Smokey Town

I went out for lunch today, and on my way back, there was a noticeable amount of smoke in the air. I'm pretty sure it's a cause of the fires that are happening a short distance away.

Smoke from Burns Bog fire spreads over Lower Mainland

It must be pretty bad too, because for the first time, the stuff in the air started to affect my throat and lungs. Couldn't possibly be good for anyone with breathing problems.

The Big, Small, Shiny Gift

As my wedding approaches, certain things need to be done, like buying gifts for certain people. I've been worried about what I'm going to buy Natasha for a wedding gift, but in the end I found something great which I think she'll really like.

She was trying to get information out of me, and I gave her answers which were mostly useless. For example, "It's bigger than a penny." How clever of me!

She also asked if it was shiny. I told her, part of it is! Now she thinks it's jewelry...

I hope she likes the BBQ utensil set.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

The One Month Mark

The big milestone has been reached! Only one month until the wedding!

Bunch of stuff left to do but we've done a good job (especially Natasha with all the hard work she's put into things) and it should all work out very well.


Short Notice & My New Sign

As I walked up the hill to my place, I noticed someone I didn't recognize on the balcony above me. I wondered if maybe some people were paying a surprise visit to the house. I got home, went inside, all seemed okay. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and sure enough, a realtor was there with an older asian couple to look around.

Okay fine, come on in. At least this guy gave me his business card, first one yet! The rest are supposed to but they never do. Maybe they leave one in the owner's suite or something.

When they left, I checked my voicemail and the listing realtor had left a message but it couldn't have been more than 8 hours notice or so.

Oh and you're going to love this! After the front door being left unlocked, I decided to send a clear message to all who enter!


You know, I'm starting to wonder about this house. It's been on the market for over two weeks now. When some houses are being snapped up instantly, this one has had only one offer, and it wasn't accepted.

The Search For The Perfect Cookie

There's no doubt that home baked cookies are the best, but what if you're in a pinch and have to buy them from the store?

I've tried two brands with success, although the second one wasn't consistent. The first box was great, the second box was over-baked. I'm almost finished them though, and am looking for recommendations!

What is your favorite store-bought cookies, and why?

PS. Forgot to mention two important things:
  1. They must be dunkable in milk
  2. Preferably something with chocolate chips and/or nuts, raisins, etc


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How Helpful Should I Be?

Okay, the place I'm living in is being sold, I may be kicked out by the new owners, and realtors and who knows who else is visiting my place while I'm not here. Now I get a call saying they're coming to take pictures for a 'virtual tour'.

I'm trying my best to be helpful, but they already had an open house once without even telling me. And I know I have the nicest and cleanest apartment because I asked how the other one is and they said it wasn't that great.

So my question to you is, how helpful should I be? The choices:
  1. Clean the place up really nicely
  2. Leave it how it is, kind of messy
  3. Make no attempt at cleaning, maybe even help the mess along
Vote now! Press 'Comments' below!

Update - Sept 7, 2005 5:30pm

Outrageous! I came home today and the front door was left unlocked. This really ticks me off about people who are coming and going, they don't check everything before they leave. It's true, this place has a lot of doors, but COME ON this is the FRONT DOOR.

They are going to get an earful from me at some point...

Update - Sept 7, 2005 7:15pm

I called the Real Estate agent... got her voicemail. I explained nicely that the door was left unlocked and that there are many doors... but that the front door being left open really bothers me.

I think I am also going to put up signs on each door!

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Dangers Of Curiosity

Looking back through some old photo albums, I ran across this picture...

I'm glad I still have my finger!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Countdown: 3,000,000

That's right, less than 3 million seconds until my wedding! Think I'm crazy? Don't! We've been tracking the countdown in days, hours, minutes, and seconds for a while now!

Today's full countdown:


Saturday, September 03, 2005

More Gas Talk

Gas seems to be a big topic everywhere now, and while it's not exactly the most interesting topic, it does affect us a lot. Whether we drive, buy products that are transported, or buy airline tickets, we will all in some way be affected by rising gas costs.

Price of gas in Fredericton, NB

The above picture, compliments of my fellow photographer Natasha, was taken yesterday in Fredericton. Hard to believe that only a few months ago I bought gas there for nearly half that price.

Back in May I posted an entry about adding an extra digit to gas station price signs. Even then, I didn't really believe it would happen so soon, or go so far above the $1.00 mark.


Friday, September 02, 2005

Full Rainbow

I came across an old photo of mine and decided to share it with you, my faithful readers! I was on my way home one evening after a storm and caught just the perfect situation where the rainbow touched the ground on both sides...